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iLoveUkraine volunteers shipped this truckload of 54 boxes carrying 1,946 pounds of supplies for Ukraine.
Who We Are


iLoveUkraine ambassadors spread the word so folks understand the urgency and know how to send supplies power banks, boots, medicine, diapers, teddy bears, and clothes to Ukrainian families, women and children.

Please help by sharing our website and social media posts and please link to us from your website

Why iLoveUkraine

Evelina Breivaite iLoveUkraine Ambassador

My heart breaks for Ukrainian families who got separated, and fathers, husbands, and brothers who had to stay behind and fight for freedom. Being Lithuanian, and knowing what’s to live under Soviet regime, I know how important it is to have freedom and peace! War is never a solution. And this time we have to extend a hand and help those who really need it, and pray for peace!

Evelina Breivaite Evelina collected supplies donations from several Long Island schools and brought them to iLoveUkraine. She even helped load our first truck shipment to Ukraine. We thank you, Evelina!

Why iLoveUkraine

Photo of Bernadette Ruggierio, an iLoveUkraine ambassador

My grandmother lived through the infamous Dresden bombing. I spent my early years living under Soviet oppression. I was lucky that the East Germans were brave enough to stand up and fight for freedom. We cannot give up on the people in the Ukraine.

Bernadette Ruggiero Bernadette hosts in and produces the iLoveUkraine podcast on LTV.

Why iLoveUkraine

Photo of Nina Austad Olsen, an iLoveUkraine ambassador

Ukrainian people are experiencing brutal violations of fundamental human rights. Millions of people have to flee and civilians, including children, are getting killed. It is absolutely devastating and we must stand together to support Ukraine.

Nina Austad Olsen Nina ran a collection drive at her children's school, delivered a huge carload of vital supplies, and made her own generous donation.

Why iLoveUkraine

Photo of Carastina Dubrovin, an iLoveUkraine ambassador

We want to help Ukraine as we are so touched by the bravery of the people and the will to fight for freedom. It's so heartbreaking how Putin is destroying so many lives and we wanted to help in any way that we could. We stand by Ukraine.

Carastina Dubrovin Carastina donated fifty stuffed animals and wrote notes on each one for Ukrainian children living underground or on the move.

Why iLoveUkraine

Photo of Vitalii Plypchuk, an iLoveUkraine ambassador

I help iLoveUkraine because they are a Ukraine specific nonprofit with all volunteers. They are led by a Ukrainian born woman with family in Ukraine helping to inform and direct in-country efforts.

Vitalii Plypchuk Vitalii is our iLoveUkraine ambassador in Chicago. He collected seven huge crates of medical supplies on his first day.