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Long Island elementary school children help iLoveUkraine collect supplies donations for shipment to Ukraine.

Three ways to maximize the impact of your Ukraine contribution.

Contribute to the most committed team with the best plan.

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iLoveUkraine believes strongly in prayers but not so much in thoughts. Taking action now is the main thing. What, where, and with whom are secondary considerations.

For those wanting to maximize their impact, Captain Obvious says we need leverage and speed. For folks interested customer experience, we need frictionless contribution, high trust, and a personal touch.

iLoveUkraine impacts as a Ukraine specific start up with a modern disruptive efficiency model and a human touch.

Learn about our Ukrainian American chairwoman
Learn about our mission
Learn about our value proposition

Please Do This for Maximum Impact

1. Give Digital

  • Type "I Love Ukraine" in the comments of our Facebook page and like and share it
  • Share our $1 for Ukraine post -- make it go viral
  • Share our QR code page for donations
  • Add the iLoveUkraine badge to your Facebook profile image
  • Embed this banner on your webpage

2. Give Supplies

Doctors and dentists, please send your extra samples to us.

If you have access to wholesale pricing on items Ukrainians need, please buy and donate the goods. We maintain relationships with shippers who will accept the goods and ship for below market cost.

Purchase supplies off of our Amazon list and ship them to us.

List of supplies needed right now

Send all supplies to:

iLoveUkraine Corp.
Attn: Supplies Donation Team
225 W. Prospect Street
Southampton, New York 11968

3. Give Money

For fastest impact, give a one time Emergency Gift

To maximize your gift without breaking the bank, consider a Monthly Gift