Ethics Policy

Zero tolerance for unethical behavior, fraud, and corruption

iLoveUkraine is open, honest, trustworthy, and fair and operates at the highest standards with donors, shipping companies, partners, volunteers, and the communities we serve and inhabit. We expect, and verify, the same from our aforementioned partners and colleagues.

Accountability, Trust, and Visibility
iLoveUkraine is accountable, both individually and as an organization, for the proper discharge of our functions, decisions, actions and results. All colleagues and partners are expected to behave in a manner that is transparent, fair and accountable; and in compliance with iLoveUkraine ethical values and principles.

Care and Service
iLoveUkraine respects the human rights, dignity and worth of all persons, and acts with understanding, tolerance, sensitivity and respect for diversity without discrimination of any kind. is responsible to the people we serve and the donors who enable our service.

iLoveUkraine strives for equal outcomes for all recipients, volunteers, and partners by promoting equitable access to opportunities and services.

The aim of our ethics policy is to ensure that we carry out our work following the ethical and moral principles that support our humanitarian calling. Upholding this code is a responsibility shared by all involved in delivering on iLoveUkraine's mission. It applies to anyone associate with or dealing with iLoveUkraine from volunteers and fundraisers to partners and recipients.

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