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Global Empowerment Mission
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Shipping Operations

To diversify our shipping capabilities and broaden our distribution outlets, iLoveUkraine conducts a non-monetary partnership with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM).

iLoveUkraine and GEM are two of the very few charities serving Ukraine with a Guidestar Platinum Rating. iLoveUkraine and GEM both operate at 98% financial efficiency considered the best by many. Less efficient is just that and more efficient is questionable as processing a credit card donation costs around 2%. GEM is an organization whose mission and operating model aligns closely with ours so we are proud to partner with them.

In this partnership, iLoveUkraine collects all of the humanitarian aid supplies and sorts and packages them. GEM pays for and handles all of the shipping to Ukraine. Half of the supplies are received by iLoveUkraine volunteers in Ukraine for distribution in the targeted areas we cover such as Bucha, Ukraine. The other half are received by GEM volunteers for broader distribution across an array of over thirty cities.

The GEM distributions enter into GEM's program called "First Phase: Disaster Relief" which distributes family necessity kits. Although GEM is a global operation, all of the supplies contributed by iLoveUkraine go to Ukraine, including those distributed by GEM volunteers. GEM distributions are in accordance with iLoveUkraine values.

iLoveUkraine is thankful to GEM for sharing their large scale established shipping operations at no charge to iLoveUkraine. GEM has large warehouses in Poland, Hungry and Lviv, Ukraine. The Liviv warehouse has 37,500 sq/ft and 2,050 pallet slots.

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