Ways to Help

Local Business Partners

Business partners apply their values with corporate skill and resources Please support businesses that donate their time and resources to help Ukrainians in need. Contact us to see how iLoveUkraine can partner with your business.

Call 1 (959) ILOVEUA | 1 (959) 456-8382 to become a business partner today.

Ameriprise Financial

Local business supporter Rocco

Rocco Carriero Rocco donated 3,000 lbs of first aid kits and paid to ship them by plane to the war crimes districts surrounding Kyiv. When you would like financial advice, please think of Rocco Carriero of Ameriprise Financial.

Video of Rocco's shipment delivered to the individuals he helped.
Ameriprise Fianancial logo

Flying Point Surf

Local business supporter Shannon

I was impressed with how quickly iLoveUkraine started and that they shipped 10,000 lbs of supplies in their first three weeks. I am happy to leverage the resources of our business to help Ukrainians in need.

Shannon Flaherty-Zucchero Shannon and her husband Mark donate our iLoveUkraine logo bumper stickers. Pick up your bumper sticker in one of their Flying Point Surf and Sport stores. They also offered to help us with everything from outdoor space to trucking our supplies.
Flying Point Surf and Sport

Millstone Marble and Tile

Local business supporter Chris Murphy

The war in Ukraine needs to end. Until it does, we will work with iLoveUkraine to do whatever we can to help those who need it.

Chris MurphyChris donates his trucks and loads them for Kate to drive donations from Southampton to a Meest shipping representative in Old Beth Page. Chris also offered to help us additional storage facility.
Millstone Marble and Tile

Signature Signs

Local business supporter Ted

My grandfather was from the Ukraine. All my life I have been wanting to connect with my heritage, but I haven't had the opportunity. What better time than now, to help those in need.

Ted DratchTed donates iLoveUkraine logo signs. When you need a sign, please think of Ted.
Signature Signs

Gubbins Running Ahead

Local business supporter Gubbins

Gubbins FamilyThe Gubbins family donated soccer uniforms to Ukrainian refugee boys staying in East Hampton. Gubbins was also the starting point for the iLoveUkraine scavenger hunt event. When you need sporting wear, please think of Gubbins Running Ahead.
Gubbins Running Ahead