Merchant Services Policy


Ukraine is a country sanctioned by the Office of Financial Assets Control (OFAC) and/or Bureau of Industry and Security (Department of Commerce). As such, we do NOT ship to the sanctioned regions of Ukraine such as Crimea, Luhansk, or Donetsk. We ship only to areas of Ukraine clearly controlled by the Ukrainian government as designated and acknowledged by the U.S government.

We do not send cash to Ukraine. We spend our money with U.S. companies, primarily shipping companies such as Meest. and Ukraine Express.


We do not sell any products or offer anything in exchange for charitable donations.

We send send only humanitarian aid goods to Ukraine.

We do NOT send arms of any kind and we do NOT send soft military items such as helmets, bullet proof vests, etc. We usually send to iLoveUkraine volunteers that one of our U.S.volunteers has known since childhood.


We ship to reputable people that we have known since childhood who now work at charities in Ukraine such as the Government Administration of Hostomel. We do not ship to unconfirmed addresses or people.

501(c)(3) Status

Please see our IRS documents

Refunds and Chargebacks

We offer customers refunds on all donations made within the last 48 hours. We do not refund event tickets. We have never had a chargeback for any reason and we are unaware of any complaints.