iLoveUkraine volunteer in Kyiv suburbs handing humanitarian aid package to a grandmother on a country road.


Direct humanitarian aid to Ukraine with high financial efficiency and a human touch.

Financial Efficiency

We spend 100% of humanitarian aid donations received on shipping costs for supplies donated separately and collected by our all volunteer network, moved with donated trucks, and stored in donated spaces. We get financial leverage on cash donations because we don't purchase supplies, we just pay the shipping.

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Human Touch

iLoveUkraine believes the best of humanity will triumph over war atrocity.

We go down dirt roads and alley ways to find the those in true need and hand deliver aid packages to them where they are.

Moving aid delivery documentary set to music showing our volunteers in Ukraine.

We decorate our humanitarian supply shipments to Ukraine yellow and blue hearts drawn by children. We love to see the happy face of a child or mother who receives a hand decorated supply box from a child in America. And our U.S. donors love it when one of their children's decorations ends up in the hands of a Ukrainian child.

Why iLoveUkraine

Photo of Carastina Dubrovin, an iLoveUkraine ambassador

We want to help Ukraine as we are so touched by the bravery of the people and the will to fight for freedom. It's so heartbreaking how Putin is destroying so many lives and we wanted to help in any way that we could. We stand by Ukraine.

Carastina Dubrovin Carastina donated fifty stuffed animals and wrote notes on each one for Ukrainian children living underground or on the move.