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Headquarters: Southampton, NY 11976

Staff: 4 board members, 10 frequent volunteers, zero employees, zero contractors

Fast Facts

iLoveUkraine incorporated March 7, 2022 by Ukrainian Americans with a disruptive nonprofit business model. iLoveUkraine achieves high financial leverage, 98% financial efficiency, and safety precautions for our donors. Our donors also appreciate our narrow focus on Ukraine because it gives them confidence that our volunteer staff is fully behind to our cause and donors know to which cause their money is going.

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iLoveUkraine offers a personal way to give. We decorate supply boxes by hand. We send thank notes and make thank you calls. We have personal connections to Ukraine. We are thankful to be in a position to help our Ukrainian sisters and brethren in their darkest hour and grateful to you for your interest and support for this urgent cause.

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Scoop the iLoveUkraine story. Our first press release is scheduled for next week.

Timeline of what we Accomplished in the first weeks of operation.



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