Privacy Policy

No Data Collection from Website Visitors

You can visit the iLoveUkraine website, social media, and events without sharing any information about yourself. We do not collect domain names, IP addresses, or browser information and we have a no cookie policy. Our site will not ask you for any information unless it is needed to process a donation.

Donor Data

You may donate goods, cash, or check anonymously and with no card processing fees.

If you make a donation with a card, we collect the bare minimum info needed to process the donation and send a tax-exempt receipt and thank you card. This notably does not include your billing address but does include your name, card info, and email address.

iLoveUkraine does not rent, sell, or share any donor data with any third party. Within our organization, only three board members have access to your personal info entered at the time of payment.

For both online and in-person donations, credit and debit card numbers are entered directly into the system of an industry leading card processor, Stripe. Stripe complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and is audited to meet with the Statement on Auditing Standard 70 (SAS 70). Stripe employs industry standard techniques such as firewalls, encryption, intrusion detection, and site monitoring to protect your personally identifiable information (PII data) from unauthorized access.

Stripe is connected securely to our local Chase bank account. Once you begin an online donation, our website transfers all authority to Stripe. We never see, handle, or store, your credit, or debit, card info. You will notice that the payment page contains a URL.

Stripe transmits your data securely from the payment page to their servers and to the bank via SSL. Stripe stores your data securely. iLoveUkraine servers never touch the donor data.

Only three members of our board of directors have access to our Stripe payment dashboard and can see the last four digits of the card number, name, and email address. Nobody can see the expiration date or security code. Stripe saves the card numbers securely so that we can process refunds back to your card and/or process month donations.

To date, we have used the names and email addresses exclusively to send personal thank you notes for donations. In the future, we may use these emails to contact donors, i.e., to invite them to iLoveUkraine events. If we send such a mailing, we will offer an option to unsubscribe.