Two Ukrainian refugee boys helped by iLoveUkraine to play soccer on the Southamptons Soccer Club.


Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Shipments

iLoveUkraine has shipped over 12,000 LBS of supplies to Ukraine as of May 15.

Our humanitarian aid shipping impact, including a list of individual shipments made with photos, video and who, what, where and when detail for each shipment.

List of supplies needed right now.

Ukrainian Refugee Support

iLoveUkraine helps refugees however we can with visas, housing, pet permits, and local community integrations.

List of our refugees supported. What we did and what is still needed.

Ukraine Crisis Awareness

iLoveUkraine runs a weekly podcast on LTV to raise awareness.

We run events to raise both awarenesss and funds.

Our event calendar

Our Ukraine crisis awareness details, including a crisis briefing which brings the crisis into focus unusual detail.