iLoveUkraine gave these refugees humanitarian aid in Khemelnitskiy, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Refugee Support

Project Description

As refugees travel East from Pokrovsk to Liviv, they stop in Khemelnitskiy where we give medical, food, and hygiene aid in partnership with the Catholic Church of Khemlnitskiy.

Additional miscellaneous refugee support
1. Provide visa resources, find visa sponsors, and guide refugees through the process.
2. Find temporary housing in North America and Poland
3. Help with permits and forms to bring pets, e.g., a rabbit to North America
4. Help find employment for adults
5. Help find schools for children
6. Local assimilation assistance, e.g., help children engage in local sports and church activities

Ukrainian Refugee project tracking
iLoveUkraine partnered with the Southampton Soccer Club to arrange for two brothers, ten and thirteen, to practice with the local team. A local woman donated money for the boys' cleats and Gubbin's Running Ahead local store donated their uniforms. Also brought the boys to our local Orthodox Church Easter egg coloring event.
Three American visas
Visa sponsorship for a Ukrainian refugee mother and her son and daughter
Two American visas
Visa sponsorship for a Ukrainian refugee mother and her twelve year old daughter
Pet permits to bring a cat and a rabbit to Toronto, Canada
It is very complex and challenging to bring a rabbit into Canada as a standard pet. We found that the rabbit qualified as the emotional support animal for a twelve year old Ukrainian refugee girl who experienced PTSD during the initial missile strikes in Northern Kyiv.
Arranged transportation from the Polish border and temporary housing with a Polish family.