Volunteers and corporate partners Chris Murphy and Kate with a 2,000 lb. truckload of hygiene supplies for Ukraine.
Ways to Help


Volunteer to share your skills, time, and love with Ukraine

Fundraising Ideas

For fundraising ideas, we can help with marketing, logos, and talking points.

Share our donations pages for supplies and cash

Share our donation QR codes for donations

Take up a collection at your workplace

Start an email campaign or a social media campaign.

Arrange an iLoveUkraine benefit lunch, dinner, drinks, or concert

Run an an iLoveUkraine Ukrainian themed Easter Egg hunt benefit

Put out a donation box or jar in your store. We can supply an iLoveUkraine logo sticker for your collection box or jar.

Start an iLoveUkraine gofundme or tiltify fundraiser

Online Volunteer Ideas

Amplify our social media by commenting and sharing
QR code for iLoveUkraine social media page

Help develop and maintain our website

Write articles for our website or your own publications

Help run our social media accounts

Make videos for our website and social media

Start an iLoveUkraine gofundme or tiltify fundraiser

More Volunteer Ideas

Collect, sort, and ship supplies

Offer professional services such as attorney, accounting and audit services

Put out a donation bottle in your store