Three iLoveUkraine board of directors members at a Southampton scavenger hunt fundraiser. April 03, 2022.
Who We Are

Board of Directors

The board of directors loves Ukraine and loves humanity. We are blessed to live in America with the means to pay it forward. We strive to make working with us an uplifting experience for those who donate supplies and shipping money, those who volunteer their time, and those who spread the word. We want partnering and supporting us to be an uplifting experience.

We thank you deeply for your support. God bless and Slava Ukraini!


Headshot photo of Natalie Massa, the iLoveUkraine Chairwoman

Since the invasion, I work as a full time volunteer running iLoveUkraine with professional skill, emergency care, and a thankful touch. God Bless Ukraine and those who help her families, women, and children in their darkest hour. Slava Ukraini!

Natalie MassaiLoveUkraine Chairwoman

Head of Fundraising

Headshot photo of Brittney Epley, an iLoveUkraine board member and head of fundraising

Brittney Epley is a local mother of four who is very active in the community. Born and raised in Southampton she and her family have always been honored to serve the community that they love so much. Brittney is the Vice President of Hudson's Helping Hands for Autism. Hudson's Helping Hands is a non-profit organization that provides inclusion-based events and programming for children on the east end. Brittney has also helped with many fundraising events for our local youth by serving other non-profits. Slava Ukraini!

Brittney EpleyHead of Fundraising

Chief Technology Officer and Treasurer

Headshot photo of James Massa, an iLoveUkraine board member and Chief Technology Officer

I met my wife in Kyiv twenty years ago and proposed to her along the Dnipro river. We took our first vacation in Crimea. My favorite stories and best memories are with her in Ukraine. I honed my tech and management skills for 25 years in industry. Now that I'm tasked with building our online presence for iLoveUkraine, I feel I have glimpsed a little of God's plan for me and I am grateful. Slava Ukraini!

James MassaChief Technology Officer


Headshot photo of Denys Katerenchuk, an iLoveUkraine board member

I am a Ukrainian living in the U.S., using my background in AI and ML and experience working at top tech companies to help Ukrainian people escape the devastation of the invasion and provide support inside the country. Slava Ukraini!

Denys Katerenchuk Secretary