Donor FAQs

How to Donate to Ukraine

The paramount consideration for most Ukraine crisis donors is trust. Follow this donor checklist to select a nonprofit with maximum trust.

  • A Platinum Guidestar Rating, indicating maximum nonprofit transparency on financials, people, mission goals, and success metrics

  • A well published program efficiency ratio% over 95% for a volunteer organization and over 85% for a charity with employees. An 85% ratio means that for every dollar donated, 85 cents goes toward programs 15 cents go toward overhead such as salaries, office space, and advertising. Many people consider iLoveUkraine's 98% to be the perfect ratio because it means the only overhead is the 2% paid to card processors on cash donations. A ratio over 98% should be looked at carefully. Similarly, and employee organization over 90% should be examined.

  • Visual proof of aid arriving in Ukraine. Unique to iLoveUkraine is an offer to tape your appropriate photo, card, or artwork to the outside of humanitarian package where it can be video taped arriving in Ukraine and posted to the iLoveUkraine website.

  • Tax-exempt 501c3 status so that U.S. donors may write of their donations on their taxes.

  • A Ukraine crisis specific mission increases the trust that money and effort will go where the donor intends. Next best is a Ukraine focussed organization established before the current crisis.

  • Strong support for Ukrainians still inside Ukraine rather than a focus on refugees who made it to safety in neighboring countries.

  • A strong privacy policy which protects data and does not use cookies to track donors.

Beyond trust, some donors look for specific mission criteria, e.g., humanitarian aid like iLoveUkraine vs. semi-military missions. Some donors prefer a narrow specialization in a particular type of humanitarian aid such as medical, mental health, children, women, or orphans.

Finally, donor experience should not be counted out. Is it easy to speak with a knowledgeable nonprofit representative? Does the nonprofit thank donors individually? Is the website easy to navigate and does it inspire trust? Are all forms of payment accepted from cash to stock and crypto?

The nonprofit comparison chart below compares the 30 Best Ukraine Charities to support Ukrainians through the Ukraine Crisis with data as of May 31, 2022. Program efficiency ratios have been taken from organization websites where easily found or else from

Where can I mail a check donation for Ukraine?

Please mail your check donation for Ukraine to:

iLoveUkraine Corp.
Attn: Donations Team
225 W. Prospect Street
Southampton, New York 11968

How to donate to Ukraine through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)?

Please visit our donor advised fund options
Or contact us with additional questions about Donor Advised Fund (DAF) gifts.

1 (959) ILOVEUA | 1 (959) 456-8382

How to wire, Venmo, or Zelle my donation for Ukraine?

Please, contact iLoveUkraine to make arrangements for wire, venmo, or Zelle a donation.

1 (959) ILOVEUA | 1 (959) 456-8382

Is it safe to donate to Ukraine with a credit or debit card?

Our card processing is equally as secure as shopping on because we use the same processor, Stripe. We use stripe not only to process the payment but to collect the payment details. You can verify this by noting that that our payments page URL is from the domain. So rest easy that the entire payment process is owned and secured by Stripe end to end. If you haven't heard of Stripe, it's comforting to know that Stripe handles payments for millions of companies, including Fortune 500s such as Amazon, Google, Shopify, Zoom, Salesforce, etc.
In addition to safe payment processing and a website with a no cookie policy, we take precautions to help donations end up with needy Ukrainians.

Learn more about the precautions we take in our Value Proposition.

Are iLoveUkraine donations to Ukraine tax exempt?

Yes. iLoveUkraine is a federally recognized 501c3 tax exempt non profit organization. As such, donations are tax-deductibleto the fullest extent of the law. We will email you a receipt for your donations. Please keep it as your official record to claim this donation as a tax deduction

EIN number 88-1141457

Reveiew our IRS tax exempt status docs on our financials page

Will iLoveUkraine share my personal information?

iLoveUkraine does not share personal information. Moreover,we do not track you with cookies and analytics.

Our privacy policy

Our no cookie policy

Can I make an in-kind donation to Ukraine?

Absolutely. Most of our donations are in-kind donations.

Our most needed supplies.

Learn more about how we use in-kind donations in our Value Proposition.

Where can I send aid package decorations?

Please mail your decorations for Ukraine to the address below and watch for them in our Ukraine delivery videos.

The decorations serve three purposes: 1. Engage your kids and teach them life lessons. 2. Verify that your donations are delivered. 3. Share personal messages of love and support with Ukrainians.

Send us more decorations to increase the love and the chance of seeing them on video.

iLoveUkraine Corp.
Attn: Decorations Team
225 W. Prospect Street
Southampton, New York 11968